Make Your Message Make a Splash

Digital Signage continues to grow at astonishing rates.  SYNNEX VISUALSolv wants to ensure that your business is part of this communication evolution – social media, digital messaging, etc. In order to support emerging technologies, we developed a business unit focused on digital signage solutions. Our comprehensive product portfolio provides several options to accommodate simple to complex solutions across all verticals. In addition to our extensive product offerings, we have built a team of technical experts who can be leveraged to ensure your solutions align with your customers’ needs. Our technical services provide a resource to you by offering consultations, design, installation, and maintenance, reducing your need to work with multiple partners to meet your customers’ project requirements. In addition to VISUALSolv offering premier digital signage solutions and technical support, we have industry-trained pre-sales and post-sales support to be your single source for all of your digital signage needs.

Hardware and software used to provide total digital signage solutions:

  • Displays (LCDs, plasmas, touch integrated, overlays, thin-client displays, etc.)
  • Mounts (ceiling and wall)
  • Cables (CAT5 VGA data transmitters, RS-232 extender, KVM switches, line splitters, broadcasters)
  • Media players and small-form-factor PCs
  • Web-hosted software, content-management software, content design, scheduling, and device management

Digital signage opportunities are everywhere in today's techno-centric world - universities, casinos, banks, hotels, hospitals, doctor offices, conference rooms, grocery stores, fitness centers, public venues, retail, and transportation locations.  Digital signage has multiple functions including: information, way finding, advertising, enhanced customer experience, impact on customer behavior, and brand enhancement. 

VISUALSolv Digital Signage Difference

  • VISUALSolv offers 100% of the digital signage solution portfolio including hardware, software, and services – Single Source for All Digital Signage Products and Services
  • We have dedicated, industry-trained category development managers and technical teams – Single Source for All Digital Signage Questions
  • VISUALSolv industry investment allows you to leverage our expertise and enter the digital signage market faster with cost efficiency – Single Source for Digital Signage Go-To-Market

Contact us at and allow our team to assist you in finding the right digital signage solution for your client's needs. Use our online assessment form to outline your project to our VISUALSolv team so they can provide a product recommendation. This online tool streamlines our solution consultation and quoting process as each project has its own complexities based on application and scale.

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